Our Values

At McGinn and Company, we keep our promises. We are dedicated to working hard for our clients to help solve their most complex challenges. We approach each new challenge with enthusiasm and creativity, and apply sound judgment when offering advice.


Accountability is the cornerstone of our firm. We respect and meet deadlines and budgets. We understand and adhere to the stringent confidentiality needs of our clients. We accept responsibility for every aspect of an assignment. We keep our clients informed and honor the "no surprises" rule. In short, we keep our promises.


There are no shortcuts to experience. Ours is hard-earned, through 25 years of counseling senior executives facing a wide range of difficult, high-stakes challenges. Our team of tested, talented, wise, and confident counselors has worked closely in scores of high-pressure assignments.


Good judgment requires a combination of tested experience, intelligence, vision, and confidence. It is knowing when an issue is likely to become a public controversy and when it is not. It is about assisting clients sort through conflicting advice and helping them achieve the right balance between denial and overreaction. Proof of our sound judgment is found in how our clients respond to us. They hire us, give us new assignments, and recommend us to their colleagues and industry friends.


We believe that a central component of integrity is dedication. All the other attributes are diminished if hard work is not part of the equation. When we take on an assignment, we own it. We live it. We are driven to succeed for our clients, and we bring all of our resources to the table. We don't take shortcuts, we don't look for quick but superficial solutions and we understand that a strategy or action plan that is appropriate for one client's issue will not necessarily apply to others.


Nothing of importance is accomplished without enthusiasm. Jaded perspectives and cynical attitudes have no place at McGinn and Company. When clients give us the privilege of working for their organizations, we pledge to bring open minds and genuine enthusiasm to the assignment.


One size fits all is one of the great myths of the American marketplace. It doesn't work for baseball caps or T-shirts, and it certainly doesn't work for strategic counseling. Our clients have different cultures, different resources, and different risk tolerances. We draw on our experience with a variety of clients and issues to custom tailor every strategy and action plan for each individual client.