Americans and the Law.
A survey for the American College of Trial Lawyers.

For nearly 20 years we have tracked public opinion on a wide range of legal issues. In preparation for a presentation I recently made to the American College of Trial Lawyers, we commissioned an online survey to explore a range of fun and serious issues. A few learnings I would highlight are:

  • Nearly 2/3rds of Americans favor a Constitutional Convention to remake our government.
  • The courts retain the confidence of the American People. Of the three branches of Government, 61% say they have the greatest trust and confidence in the judiciary.
  • Among a group of prominent current and former political figures, the American people would favor Hillary Clinton as their personal lawyer.
  • TV lawyers are perceived to have higher ethical standards than real world lawyers.

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It was an interesting survey to design, conduct and interpret. Rex Repass, of RL Repass & Partners in Cincinnati conducted the research and did an outstanding job.


  • This research was conducted using an online methodology via a proprietary survey platform and panel, MindField™ Online. The MindField panel consists of more than two million U.S. households, balanced to U.S. demographic and geographic profiles.
  • Data was collected between February 29 and March 3.
  • Survey participants were screened and qualified to represent a balanced sample of U.S. adults age 18+
  • Based on a responses from 602 interviews balanced to U.S. demographics, for statistical analyses the overall confidence interval is approximately +/- four percentage points.