Thoughtful, Calm and Candid

What clients know is that we are deeply experienced, totally trustworthy and instantly responsive. Because our work is often so complicated, it is customary for clients to have any number of advisors and law firms involved. We understand this dynamic and we pride ourselves on being good team players. Our clients also can count on us to be thoughtful, calm and candid. Added drama and unnecessary demands are the last things clients need in the middle of a tough battle. A final point — we don't enter into these assignments lightly. When we make a commitment to take on a case, we do so with the understanding that we won't move people on and off the team and we will stay with the assignment as long as it takes to achieve the client's objectives.

For the past 25 years, organizations at risk have been turning to McGinn and Company for counsel and support. When the phone rings, we never know what type of challenge we may be facing: An insurance company in the middle of a raid by 200 Federal Marshalls; a celebrated sports figure under siege in a high profile controversy; a consumer products company concerned that their products are becoming increasingly demonized by environmentalists who want to subject the industry to greater regulations and higher taxes; simultaneous actions by the SEC, dozens of State AGs, the FTC and Congress against a technology company; or product liability lawsuits in more than 30 states. We have faced all of these situations and countless others that were equally challenging.