Engaging Credible Third Parties

In every story, on every issue, and with every cause there are a number of important voices in the public discussion. Beyond helping clients get their story right, we work equally hard at identifying and engaging credible third parties. Our desire is to see that accurate, objective and timely information is presented to the public.

The great challenge, of course, is to find people with the credentials and willingness to engage. The work of identifying, analyzing and engaging experts involves endless hours of old fashioned research. We review news stories, academic papers, books, conference presentations and web sites. We interview clients and we comb through their network of contacts. And, we constantly work with experts with whom we have relationships to help us find new voices.

We have a database of several thousand Persuaders. They come from a variety of arenas including lawyers, physicians, teachers, scientists, engineers and risk analysts. We work with them to understand their views and clarify their interests. Our Persuaders have engaged in numerous activities such as the writing and placement of Op-Eds, media interviews, the development of white papers, presentations to government agencies and other forms of research and analysis.