Words Still Matter

Effective communications is the essence of our work. We believe words still matter, and we are obsessed with powerful, persuasive storytelling. The medium is important, of course, but having a good (interesting, relevant, understandable) story and a well-prepared spokesperson are even more important. Our approach to media, therefore, is to begin by getting the basic building blocks right. We work with clients to get to the heart of their story. We help translate technical and scientific data into themes and ideas average people can understand. And, we coach executives on the best techniques for presenting their stories.

Our work with media is a daily endeavor. We have broad and deep contacts with journalists, producers, editors and commentators at scores of outlets. We are passionate advocates for our clients, but we also understand how reporters think and what it will take to either get them interested in a story or to see a story in a different context. We are working with clients who have issues playing out on the front pages of The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and the Financial Times, all of the major television networks and across the Internet. At the same time, we understand that incredibly important news developments can also occur in trade publications, local media and in obscure blogs and websites. As a result, we know how hard it is to deal with a world where speed trumps accuracy and broad and colorful allegations are easy to make and very difficult to refute.