"Opinion is power..."

Thomas Jefferson expressed this simple idea in a letter to John Adams in 1816. It is the guiding principle for our firm. Public opinion should not be taken lightly. Voters, consumers and jurors have a way of dealing with public officials, businesses and organizations who fail to listen. On the other hand, great leaders and ultra successful businesses often have excellent listening skills.

At McGinn and Company, we strive to be good listeners. We work hard to tune out the "noise" and concentrate on meaningful commentary and revealing behavioral patterns. Over the last 25 years we have conducted thousands of opinion research projects involving several million consumers. We have engaged consumers in discussions on every conceivable issue from health care and the environment to political perspectives and sports interests.

In addition to our traditional opinion research activities, we also have a long history of studying popular culture, behavioral trends, demographic changes and case studies. Our objective is to sift through a wide range of sources in order to present clients with actionable insights on important societal shifts.