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“The Inspiration”

When I started my firm nearly 25 years ago, the prospect of identifying and analyzing cultural shifts and societal trends is not something I had ever considered. My initial work was focused almost exclusively in the crisis, conflict and litigation arena. Over a span of a decade or so I was involved in many of the highest profile controversies of the day - environmental fights, discrimination cases, the obesity debate, product liability disputes, auto safety issues, financial meltdowns, industrial espionage cases and patent infringement lawsuits.

After working on such a wide array of reputation threatening matters, a number of clients began to engage me in discussions about what I had learned from my cases. Based on these conversations, my clients pushed me to develop both a list of lessons learned and an improved process for the earlier identification of potential risks. As I worked on the suggested materials, I realized that the system I had developed for identifying risks was equally valid for identifying opportunities.

Out of this process, McGinnSights was born. It started with a brief presentation to the clients who inspired me to undertake the work. Those initial sessions were well received, triggering word of mouth referrals that have resulted in more than 300 presentations and dozens of client engagements to date.

Daniel McGinn
Dan McGinn

The Purpose

The purpose of McGinnSights is to identify and analyze critical societal and cultural shifts in order to produce ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS that can create COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES for clients.

In a world where we are all drowning in information and starving for insight, clients consistently come to me with three critical questions:      What is it I need to know?     What does it mean?     What do I do about it?

McGinnSights is designed to bring order, thought and insightful analysis to these questions. We don't study fads and we don't pretend to be able to predict the future. What we can do, however, is anticipate where the world is moving on a set of key issues and advise clients of the potential impacts from these impending shifts.

The Process

McGinnSights is a research based service. Instincts and intuition have a place in analysis, of course, but wherever possible we look for hard data to guide our analysis. The branded research process we use is called Deep Listening ®

Arenas of Study

  • Risk and Reality
  • Passions and Pastimes
  • New Faces and Families
  • Brain Race
  • Colliding Worlds
  • Changing Loyalty
  • Body and Soul

The basic theory of McGinnSights is that there are certain facts about tomorrow that we can know today. If we are correct in identifying these facts - what we refer to as The Future We Already Know
 - and we can present them in a rational, verifiable manner, the potential value for clients should be enormous. An exciting challenge.