Solving Real Problems

For more than 25 years, CEOs, general counsels, university and non-profit presidents, elected officials and media executives have turned to us for advice on some of the most complex and high-profile disputes and reputation threats of this era. The following sample of our engagements illustrates the level of communication challenges we have worked on and the range of services we have provided.

Medical Device Recall

Worked closely with in-house and outside counsel for a large medical device company on a complex crisis situation involving one of its widely-used products. The device was recalled by the FDA and the company was involved in negotiations with the Department of Justice on a consent decree. We engaged in a variety of activities including overall communications strategy, message formulation, media coaching for top executives, outreach to Members of Congress, drafting of numerous collateral materials, and coordination with the trade association involved in the medical device industry.

Data Security Breach

Engaged by outside counsel for the largest identification and credential verification company in connection with a data security breach that resulted in extensive major media interest, class action litigation, congressional and state legislative hearings, and investigations by the FTC, SEC, and state AGs.

In addition to providing strategic communications advice and developing key messages and communications documents, we conducted and analyzed public opinion research, handled major media and assisted in drafting testimony and preparing executives for hearings.


Hired by General Counsel for a major gold mining company to provide strategic communications counsel and on-site support in connection with environmental and other operational issues at sites in the U.S., Indonesia, Peru and Ghana. Supported trial team during months-long trial in Indonesia including handling of major media, development of key messages, public relations materials, and designing and maintaining informational website.

Breast Implants

Retained by outside counsel for one of the manufacturers of silicone breast implants facing hundreds of product liability lawsuits. Developed initial communications strategy in support of the litigation and conducted public opinion research. The team also served in a litigation communications support capacity on site at dozens of trials in the U.S. Also worked to disseminate credible, scientific information to the public on relevant issues.

Environmental Class Action Lawsuit

Engaged by outside counsel for a utility company to support communications effort concerning a high-profile environmental class action lawsuit. Worked closely with the in-house and outside counsel on communications strategy and message development. Prepared on-site trial support strategy.

Cold Remedy Withdrawal

Hired by in-house counsel for a leading pharmaceutical company to deal with unexpected request by the FDA to withdraw an ingredient found in a cold remedy product. Worked on initial communications strategy and messaging and engaged immediately in media tracking and analysis, communications training, and message development. Also worked closely with the client's legal team to deal with high-profile media generated by initial lawsuits and served on-site at trials.

Pain Medication

Engaged by outside counsel for a pharmaceutical company to provide strategic counsel and ongoing communications support in connection with government investigations and hundreds of lawsuits relating to the company's primary product. This engagement lasted for four years and included extensive media monitoring and analysis, key message development, extensive opinion research, preparation of FDA and Congressional testimony, creating and producing award winning public service announcements and the development and maintenance of an information sharing website.

Antitrust Litigation

Engaged by a leading provider of digital music and interactive media in connection with the filing and settlement of major antitrust litigation against Microsoft. Worked closely with in-house legal team and outside counsel to develop overall litigation communications strategy for proceedings in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Ongoing activities included communications training for key executives and spokespersons, key message development, preparation of press releases and media statements, arrangement of media interviews and media tours, engagement of third parties, media tracking, and analysis and coordination of settlement announcement with outside agencies, law firms and corporate communications representatives.